5 Years Ago and Now

Weekend. Saturday. Relaxing. Writing time.

As usual, I feel so frisky after 10 pm, on Saturday night, dating with my laptop. I sleep all day long today, feel very exhausted like I ever was. I don’t have even a bit energy to prepare my clothes for going to the church tomorrow. Thanks God for my lovely mother, who always willing to help me to do that stuff. I am such a spoil girl altough now I’m 23!

Everything in my life so far so good. I haven’t been living in my boarding house anymore. I love my boarding house despite of the fact it makes me sick. Yes, literally it makes me sick. I have everything I need there, but, yah, you know, live in there will makes you very lonely. Even all my friends in my boarding are very kind, but no one as similar as my mother for me to confide. I’d got stomach-ache in the beginning of this month and I had to bed rest about 2-3 days. I refused to eat since one month ago before that—well, I lost my appetite—and it brought me to severe illness. My friends always remind me to eat, but I didn’t listen. Besides that, I was too busy with my own priority then I unawared it leads to stressful. Finally, my parents insisted to took me back home in order to keep my diet. They are not only heals my body, but also my soul. So, I’m here now, I’ve never been better. I’m 23 and I still need my parents indeed.

What am I going to write? (Thinking while writing as usual….)

Hmmm…suddenly I remember about my foreign friend, Gary Gibbons. I knew him from bestfriend of mine, Mia, in my 1st year at the college. He added me as friend trough Facebook. He is from Canada. He is—or was—working as plumber (It is quite prestigious job in there, I’d just know that). He was got married (I heard he had divorced last year and then he made a relationship with a girl from Phillipines) I always envy with him because he often travel abroad! What a friendly man he was, he sent me messages when we become Facebook-friend. The message format was like a letter. So, that was my first time writing an informal letter in English.

Let’s check the message that I writed was like :

September 14, 2009

Hello Gary! (your name remind me of spongbob’s pets, Mia and me love that cartoons!),

Mmmm. I’m understand of what you said, but my english problem make me difficult to reply your message. Do you know? I’m reply this almost 1 hour, my right hand on the keyboard, my left hand hold my dictionary, hahaha. I hope you won’t laugh if you read my message. Correct me if my words is wrong.

I’ve seen your pictures, your videos, mmmm, I think you’re a Indonesia-holic! Or maybe, you know Indonesia more than me?haha. Gary, my country is more beautiful than you know, more than you think. Indonesia isn’t only Bali and Java, sooo many fantastic culture ini here!!! Different city in Indonesia is different culture if you wanna know!

I know I’m lucky living in here, so many volcanos, so many cave, so many rivers, so many forest, but I don’t have money a lot to make a travelling to visit all beutiful place in my country . Actually, that’s my dream. Maybe someday we can do it together, Gary? (with your wife, sure!). Now I’m studying at Bandung Technology University, at Geology Engineering, to make my dream come true. Wish me luck, Gary, I study hard to get cumlaude predicate from my campus!AMEN.

Now I’ll tell you about me. I’m 18, single, live in Bandung,West Java(one of beautiful city in Indonesia!). I have parents, I’m love them very much, both of them still alive. I have one lovely brother, now he works as accountant in Jakarta, (I miss him so much!!). I don’t have niece and nephew yet. For fun I’m usually like to jogging around my campus or hang out with all my friend, reading a novel, writing, watching a movie, hiking,etc. I like comedy-romantic and action movie. For music, i like alternative song, do you know Linkin Park?I love them!Avril Lavigne too, she’s so cool. I love ALL indonesian food and I hate junk food.

Mia is my very best friend. For me, i recognize her as my sibling. I’ve known Mia almost 4 year. I meet her when we’re study at the same high school. We and our friend are always together about 3 years in there. Now we are to be separated, ’cause we each other study at the different university. It’s so sad, now it’s so hard for me to find friends like them… 😦
That’s all about me and my country Gary. What do you want to know again?Or you want to learn Bahasa?

It’s so fun to know you, and I hope we always keep in touch in facebook. Tell me if you someday visit Indonesia or other place and tell me what you get. Believe me, there’s no country like Indonesia.

God bless us,

In fact, I didn’t get cumlaude-predicate as I hoped like in the message. But I could graduate faster than student usual, close enough then, haha (I don’t mean to be arrogant anyway, I just try to observe myself thoroughly, which there is only have a few things to proud).

My life seems doesnt’t change a lot since 5 years ago. I love my family much. My hobby and my taste in movie and music still the same too. And I don’t find friend better than my SHS-friend.
And so my dream . I really want to be a traveller. I love Indonesia and I really want to go around in someday. I don’t know why I still keep it on my mind until today. Maybe God want me to explore Indonesia thoroughly. My pleasure, Lord, I will do it perfectly. But it is all about time. All I have to do is patient and prepare it very well.

Sorry I don’t write anything interesting, I can’t keep on writing. Now is 1:39 and I have to get up early. Me and my mom will spend our time together from church, tomorrow will be fun.




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