Academic Writing

Most people think that the academic writing in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination is the hardest part to pass. Although I love writing, I also think that writing for IELTS is not easy. The writing part consists of two part and we have to finish it in 60 minutes. Fyuhhh…So, we have to find many ideas very quickly and write it manually (about 400 words).

This thing is very different with my hobby as usual (not a fun thing to do, of course), but I try to share my academic writing result to you. I hope this can be helpful for anybody who study as hard as me, or even more, to get better band score of IELTS. Enjoy! 🙂


Nelson Mandela is the greatest inspiration of the past century. Discuss

When we talk about an inspiring person, we can mention Nelson Mandela. He is well-known as anti-apartheid revolutioner. Since he succeed to fight for humanity right of black people, we can see the impact of his achievement until present time. The slavery of black people was abolished and now they have the same social status with white people. Moreover, the black people have the same chance to be as the white people can be. Barrack Obama, the recent president in United States of America, is the first president who come from the black people. Based of this phenomenon, I think Nelson Mandela is the greatest inspiration of the past century

The brief history of Nelson Mandela’s struggle shows a long and difficult way to reach the freedom of black people. Altough he once was in prison for 27 years because of his faith, he refused to give up. His struggle held up the peak when Nelson Mandela became the President of South Africa in 1994. Since that, the goverment under his authorithy focused on abolishment of apartheid influence by vanishing of racism, poverty and social gap. He also initiated to compel social reconciliation between the white people and the black people. Furthermore, he became a statesman to fight agaisnt poverty and HIV / AIDS through Nelson Mandela Foundation. He got Nobel of Peace in 1993.

As the person who had made a big difference in the world since about 100 years ago, Nelson Mandela deserve praises  as the greatest inspiration of the past century. Because of his struggle for the equal rights, nowadays the black people can do anything they want, without obstacle of their dark complexion. We should follow his deep faith in humanity to help make better world

All school should have a strict school uniform policy. Discuss.

Generally, public schools in Indonesia apply uniform policy for their students. For example, Senior High School students have to wear grey trousers/skirts and white shirts with the school’s emblem at their pocket. In addition, pupils are not allowed to wear tight uniform. Some delinquent students try to make “new rules” by wearing “skintight” trousers or mini skirts. They said that they feel confined by school’s regulation that contain their creativity. Altough some people think that school uniform policy does not significantly impact students, I believe the policy is good for several reasons.

The first and most important reason to support school uniform policy is its purpose to make students understand discipline. The pupils must wear appropriate clothes by conforming to school uniform rules and will get detention if they do not do that. Besides that, wearing school uniforms will create a disciplined atmosphere in school that helps students focus on their study. Second, school uniform regulation helps to create a friendly social environtment. A student cannot guess about another’s social status based on his/her clothes (because they all wear school uniforms), so everybody can mix with others without worrying about his/her status. The final reason is that this policy will prepare students for professional life in the future. The students probably will work in a company that obliges them to wear formal clothes, so they will not find it as a hardship because they are used to wear a uniform before.

The teachers should tell the students about uniform model that verify the rules, so the students know how to wear a uniform properly. For a student who does not obey the school uniform rules, he/she should be punished in order to make him/her discourage the behaviour. For instance, the improperly dressed student are not allowed to join the class. Moreover, they have to go home at that moment and change their uniform for the following day. If they still do the same mistake over and over again, the teacher should call their parents, or the worst case, they have to be expelled from the school.

To summarize, all school should have a strict policy for school uniforms. The pupils will learn a lot about being disciplined, about blending to a community, and about formal situations. The punishment will give lesson to students about being obedient. Therefore, the parents should support this regulation for the benefits of their children.

Holidays In Indonesia

Every country in this world has holidays in every year to celebrate important things annualy. For Indonesia, we have three special holidays in a year : New Year’s Day, Lebaran and Christmas. To celebrate these moments, usually the goverment or a company will give free time for the workers about one week or more which is longer than other holidays like Indonesia’s Independence Day or Workers Day.

We have longer holiday at Lebaran or Christmas for the fact that most of Indonesia’s citizen are Moslem or Christian. On both of these days we have an unique tradition called ‘mudik’ which means ‘visiting the place where our parents live’. Some people use their long holiday to go back to their parent’s home for a while and then celebrate Lebaran or Christmas together with their family. New Year’s holiday always near Chrismas time (at 1st January) and some people celebrate New Year’s Eve after Christmas. They usually ignite fireworks and stay up all night partying.

The celebration of these three big days has one similar purpose : to make family friend relationship become closer. Some people seldom / rarely meet each other and they finally have quality time at these moments in a year. Besides of keeping this tradition, we can use this opportunity for refreshing our mind, body and soul for a while before we get back to our work.

It’s better to be dressed down than dressed up. Discuss.

People nowadays tend to wear casual and simple fashion for every situation, either formal and informal. For example, most students in university have freedom to wear clothes in any style when they attend a class. Moreover, some companies permit their worker to don shirt and jeans in workplace area. Either the students or the workers do not have to change their clothes if they want to continue with hanging out with their friends after they have done with their work. Some people disagree about this behaviour and remark that everybody should be dressed up in every situation, particularly in formal events, but I think it is better to be “dressed down” than dressed up for some reasons.

Somebody who dress down by wearing simple clothes will feel more comfortable than somebody who dress up by wearing luxury and complicated outfits. People who wear simple style will be flexible in moving, so they can do their work actively. Their simple fashion also helps to create friendly and relaxed atmosphere in workplace or campus, which hopefully will give good first impression for the new workers or freshman. Since fashion can reflect somebody’s personality, someone who wear simple and inexpensive style can be presumed as a low-profile and humble person. Somebody who don expensive-looking outfits is looked rich, high-class and arrogant which makes everybody in his / her vicinity are reluctant to get along with this person. But for very formal situation such as meeting with client or wedding event, I agree that everybody should be dressed up in order to give honour to the guest and to the host.

To be “dressed down” does not mean scruffily dressed or looked crumpled and filthy. Other people will respect of our simple-style if we wear it tidily and politely. Not only take care about our outfits, we also have to take care about our hair, face, skin and body’s smell, so other people like to see our appearance and we will get more respect from them. In addition, in my opinion to be elegant is not about of what we wear, but it is about our body language and character.

Wearing simple style or to be “dressed down” will help us to move easily from an event to other situation. Moreover, hopefully we will get more respect from people because of positive impression that come from wearing simple fashion.  We should remember to take care of our body to complete our appearance. But we have to be smart to put ourself in certain situation, in order to take respect and give honour to other people.

Travelling With Travel Agent

Nowadays, the number of travel agents is increasing rapidly, specifically in cities. Each of them offer special treatment to people who want to spend their vacation days travelling. Not only for domestic travelling, but they also provide service for travelling abroad. This type of business is growing well along with the increasing number of people going on vacation because the number of life stress and desperation is rising in urban life. In my opinion, travelling with travel agent should be chosen instead of travelling independently for several benefits.

Travel agents can provide affordable holiday packages with accomodation as well as all other expenses. (Using travel agent can makes the traveller able to afford a holiday in cheap way with accomodation all in). This is possible because many people use the same travel agent at the same time with the same facilities. This also allows travellers to make new friends. (This situation occasionally makes other advantage in makes some new friends). People who use travel agents do not have to worry about the life insurance and the safety of the trip. Furthermore, they do not have to think a lot about the trip needs like eating, checking in, ticketing, etc. All they have to do is follow the travel schedule which is made by travel agent. The experience of the travel agent’s makes the journey perfect because they know the best place to visit.

Every travel agent must give their best service for their customer and makes the traveller enjoy the holiday with no additional stress.  They are really helpful, especially for the unexperience traveller. Therefore, we should choose the prominent travel agent which has a lot of experience in travelling.

Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The advertisements are really close to our life, we can find it easily everywhere, either on television, radio, newspaper or banner. Most people usually presume the sales rate of a product by its popularity on advertisement, which the more often an advertisement of a product emerge on television, the more people think that the product are successful sold in society. Some people also think that the advertising are causing people appeal to get the product. Eventhough in fact there is a relationship between the rate of sales and the advertising, I believe the sales rate of a product and its popularity on advertisement do not reflect of society’s needs in which they are sold.

Some companies need to advertise their products in purpose to introduce their product to people and hopefully to help their sales. The advertisement sector will make an unique advertisement as interesting as they can make it possible, so the people will remember about a product and will be persuaded to buy it eventhough they do not really need it. The attractive of advertisement is a threat for society, because it will make people to be more consumtive. That is why a product become popular and get a very high sales, eventhough it is not kind of people’s primary needs.

On the other hand, some prominent company is advertising their product only in order to show their popularity to public, altough they have got the high rates of sales for long time. For example, we can see the advertisement of Coca-Cola almost everyday on television since many years ago. To get higher sales is not their priority, they just want to remember people about their famous product. This is a secret of a popular product can be still exist until present and always get the high sales, for people are tempted by the advertisement which is appear on television everyday.

Some products are also popular and getting the high sales among the people because they really need it, supported by the attractive advertisement. But most of high sales are tend to reflect the power of advertising than the real needs of society. The people should be wise to prior their real need when they go shopping, so they do not to be a victim of advertising.

Successful sport proffesionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. Some people think this is fully justified while others think this is unfair. Discuss this both view and give your opinion.

Recently, according to some sport news, the popular soccer club in Spain, Real Madrid, reveals the value of one of its famous player, Ronaldo, about more than 400 million dollars towards any other team that wants to get him. We also know the fantastic value of other prominent soccer player like David Beckham and Christian Ronaldo, or golf athletes like Tiger Woods who is the highest paid golfer in history. Their salary is commensurate with their great achievement. To be sport professional sounds promising if we refer to these stories, and it makes other important professional are less impressive. Some people think this is fully justified while other people think it is unfair. However, those stories of successful sport athletes are not reflecting the true condition of all sport athletes in this world and I believe another important proffesional can be more successful and more rich than sport professionals, or at least has the same chance for that.

Based on the fact of the difference of sport training in every country in this world, we can say that the sport professional in established nations are more expert than sport professional in developing countries. The advanced technology and the high fund that support the sport athletes in developed nations makes them to be well trained, certainly the chance to be sucessful is wider than sport professional from developing countries. Their performance definitely will attract some well-known sport clubs to hire them and it will makes them can earn a lot of money, while the other sport athletes from developing countries do not even have chance to improve a lot their ability due to lack of facilities and fund. That is why we rarely see the successful sport professionals who comes from developing country. Furthermore, some of these athletes are living in poverty and this situation makes them change their profession in order to earn some money. I think this is unfair.

Everybody can be successful eventhough he / she is not a sport athletes. People around world still need another important professions like doctor, engineer, journalist, entertainer, etc, so we do not have to worry about lack of chances to be successful and get higher income. This goal can be achieved if we improve ourself continuously by keep learning and keep practicing. As long as we can break our limit day by day, each of us from any profession has the same chance to be successful and have great revenue in world competition.

All in all, we can see some sport professionals can be succesful and can earn great deal of money, but we also can see the other’s chances of success is limited because lack of support on facilities and fund. We cannot justify that the chance to be successful and the chance to get very high income of sport professionals is higher than any other important profession. As long as we force ourself to compete with other people from the same profession by more practicing and learning, we will have the same chance to be success in our profession, hopefully will have high income too. Altough in my opinion, higher income does not mean more successful. I think the meaning of success is how we can be useful for many people.

Some people think that universities should provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed in the workplace. Other think that the true function of a university should be to give access to knowledge for its own sake, regardless of whether the course is useful to an employer. What, in your opinion, should be the main function of university?

The graduates nowadays should have apprentice experience that reflect their higher knowledge and skill to qualify for a job in certain company, particularly in multinational company. In many cases, the companies only hires applicants who have done final project when thay were in university which the topic is similar with the main jobdesk in that company. Based on this fact, some people think that universities should provide graduates with knowledge and skills needed in the workplace, because they think that knowledge that the graduates get in college is not adequate for company’s requirement. In my opinion, the main function of a university is only give access to pure knowledge for its students, depends on their major. A university does not have any responsibility for the students after they graduated.

Since somebody become a student in a university with certain major, he / she should have a purpose of  study. The students who truly know their own purpose or vision can choose the subjects of study in order to sharpen their skill that needed for their future job. A university only provide course in many particular subjects that can be opted by students.

In addition, the university also give applied knowledge which needed in workplace. If the students bewildered with their future career, they can ask their lecturer for advice so they will know the subject that they should take for a semester. In the last year of study, a student can improve their skill by doing certain topic of final project, or apply a company for apprentice. I think a university have a standard of a course that is useful for students in the future and enough to an employer. The initiative of students is needed to sharpen their skills while they study in college, and hopefully they can be ready to apply a job after they graduated.

All in all, the main function of a university is giving knowledge for its own sake. The universities do not have responsibility whether the knowledge is useful for an employer or not. The students have their own way to choose the suitable course that they need for their future job.

In some countries theaverage weight of people is increasing and their levels of health and fitness are decreasing. What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them?

The phenomenon of obesity are spreading nowadays, particularly to some people in large city. This is following by the interesting information that the average weight of people in some countries is increasing, while the level of health and fitness are decreasing. The fact shows that the weight does not always reflect the rate of people’s health. The obesity, as mentioned before, presumably as a result of unhealthy urban lifestyle like eating junkfood and being lazy to do sport that caused by working too hard, which can lead the obese to severe illness such as heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. The rate of average weight people by bad factor should be diminished by appropriate solution.

There are some reasons that cause of these problems, outside the genetic factor. For instance, people in urban life do not have much time to do even simple sport like jogging, for they work too busy and do not think about their health seriously. In addition, they eat fast food for a long period, unaware about the threat of disease before them. The easy access to get somewhere by transportation makes some people to be lazy for walking, eventhough the distance of the destination is not really far. Some people prefer eating chips while watching television alone to entertain themself instead of walking in a park and having chat with friends. The modern lifestyle is the main reason of the increase of average weight of people today.

People should take more attention of their weight for healthy purpose. The key is simple : keep the balance between input and output of energy. We should make our body keep moving and sweating, instead of just lingering and sleeping late. For workers in a office, they can choose to walk on stair instead take lift to reach to certain floor. Besides that, we should be more careful of what we eat : the more fiber that we consume, the more healthy that we can be and the less fat, and junk food we consume, the less disease potential in our body. The goverment also suppose to make sure that the people have conciousness to take care of their health by doing excercise and eating healthy food.

In conclusion, modern urban lifestyle gives significant effect to the increase of average weight for people in large city in some countries.  The problem can be solved by encouraging people to do more activity that involved the movement of their body and eat more nutritious food instead of junk food.


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