Walking After You

Tonight I’m tangled in my blanket of clouds
Dreaming aloud
Things just won’t do without you
Matter of fact
I’m on your back [2x]
I’m on your back

If you’d accept surrender
I’ll give up some more
Weren’t you adored
I cannot be without you
Matter of fact
I’m on your back

If you walk out on me
I’m walking after you [2x]

Another heart cracked
In two
I’m on your back…

By : Foo Fighters

My Dream University

Have I told you how could I “trapped” in Geological Engineering ITB?

I never thought that I would be a geologist when I grow up. Most pople have opinion that geologist is really a man’s job, not for a woman. The future of geologist must be work in hard environtment. Before I got into university, I had same opinion with them. But now, why do I become a junior geologist?

When I was in the beginning of 3rd grade Senior High School, I had decided to go to Faculty of Medicine in the next year. I really want to be a doctor at that time, and it was my dream since I was child too. Beside of its prestigious, I think to be a doctor is a very kind job in helping people. So, I forced myself to reach my dream by study hard everyday.

One day, my study course made a study tour to visit Padjajaran University. I was very excited, because we will visit my dream university, especially my dream major in Faculty of Medicine! I could not wait for that moment and I could not sleep at the night before.

The next day, finally we visited the university. We were looking around whole the building first. After that, we were viewing the lab work activity and the enourmous of medical tools. I didn’t know why I didn’t feel exciting anymore after I saw that. Actually, there was nothing wrong with everything in there, everything was perfect in its place, but my feeling was totally gone and replaced with dissapointed. That was out of my expect, and I leaved that place with upset feeling. I started considering to change my plan ahead. I think it was not my future place. ‘

My friend looked at my gloomy face and tried to cheer me up. She invited me to accompany her to visit ITB. I never got into that university, eventough I often pass in front of that place. Beside that, I really didn’t want to continue my study there, too much exact science which I hate. But something weird happened. My exciting feeling back since my first step to that place! What a beautiful building and I really want to stay there for a long time. When I came home, I looked for the right major for me in ITB. And I directly choose Geological Engineering, because of my simple reason : I love travelling. After that, I change my life way direction.

Maybe my story sounds weird, because I change my plan easily based on the university’s building. But I believe, God used this mystery to bring His master plan in my life.


Nb : This pic exactly describe of what I saw at that time, then I was falling in love at the first sight with my campus.

(I Can’t Seem) To Make You Mine

In the silence of the garden
Moss arizing on the wind
And the beast is pondering love love love
‘Till the rusty nail grow dim

I can’t seem to make you mine
Through the long and lonely night
And I try so hard, darling
But the crowd pulled you away
Through the rhythm and the rain
And the ivy coiled around my hand

So I lingered with the people
In the silent August glade
But the rain has brought the night
And the night has brought the rain

I can’t seem to make you mine
Through the long and lonely night
And I try so hard, darling
But the crowd pulled you away
Through the rhythm and the rain
And the ivy coiled around my hand

by : The Clientele

Dear you,

Thank you for every single thing you did to me, I remember it clearly
I really enjoyed our time together in the past time
It feels like I had more than a bestfriend, someone who i could be relied
Not a single word about our feeling, but we tasted it
As fresh as grass-smell after rain, as sweet as the sunset light
As gloomy as dusk, as cheerful as rainbow,
We once was really in high

But I knew, you knew, that we would never be together
Sometimes I tried to bargain with God, hope that he could change His destiny ahead
I wanted everything was keep flowing like that
I had a bad dreaam one night, you left me and never come back
Now I believe it is a sign from God, to prepared my heart whether someday I will lose you

I knew, we knew we will never be the one, so we often spent our time in talk and laugh
Because it was the last thing we could do

So, here we are in His destiny
He used time to make it real
Universe kept us not to meet anymore
It was hurt indeed, It was so hard to deny that I miss you badly
Days goes by, and I use to live without you
Is the feeling there?
Only God knows where it is.

I decide not to meet you again
I better keep you in my mind with our beautiful memory
All the best thing I can do is praying
I hope you can go get your deepest dream and meet someone better than me
Wishing you all the most best ever

See you, until God and Universe conspires us to meet

A tiny part of your past,
Kristyarin Dwi Anggritya


Me and My Childhood

Hello! I force myself to write in English more frequently, in order to practice my writing. It is not impossible if someday I will be a good novelist, isn’t it? Haha

Ok, I will start to write about myself and the good childhood memories within it.

Kristyarin Dwi Anggritya. The name was given by my parents. “Kris” means that I am a Christian, “Dwi” means I am the second child, “Anggritya” means a gift from God or sometimes my father said it refers to “Anggrek” (Orchid). But it was funny that my parents could not explain what the meaning of “Arin” was. The only reason why my mother really want that name is because it is such a beautiful name. Just that.

I was born in Bandung. My mother gave birth to me in my grandmother’s house (my grandmother was a mid wife). I lived in Cianjur until I was four, because my father worked there. I think I had a very nice childhood. I have a glimpse of memories where I played with my friend at the outside of my house. I remember that I picked some flowers or sweet berries (we have a wide yard). Or sometimes I took some dry tea leaves from my father’s factory, borrowed a small weight scale and acted like I cooked something with that. My mother always said that I often brought some kitchen equipment to the center of my house, then I talked to myself while I pretended as a chef. It is ridiculous because I do not like cooking at all now.

After that, me and my family went back to Bandung and then started my kindergarten school at TK Mawar. I recall my memories to the place. It has a very nice wide playground school, but the class room is very poor. Opposite with kidergarten kids today, I hardly ever studied in my school. Most of my time was spent for playing or making some creative handmade, but my mother always taught me how to read in my home thoroughly. I very enjoyed to play a swing at that time, I could make myself very high and laugh. I won a fashion contest at Kartini’s day (I seemed more feminine when I was child) and I got the model-student award (even I often took days off from my school, I do not why I get that reward). Then I began to study at elementary school in Rehoboth Christian School (near Alun-Alun Bandung). I always remember the very impressive-teacher, Miss Martha. I remember that she was a beautiful, smart, attractive and fashionable teacher. I always felt comfort with her. She always could make an interesting way while she retell us a story, especially the bible-story. Besides that, she always gaves us an cute sticker or stamp on our book when we had a good hand-writing. But sometimes she could be in a rage too when we are disobedient. I always got a good mark at the time, except in Math and Sport (my weakness until now actually). But unfortunately, My family and I had to move to Bogor at my 2nd grade. I was very sad at that time, because I believed that I would never met a teacher as nice as Miss Martha. And It was true. I never met even one. I hope you well Miss Martha, whenever you are.

Then I had to adapt in my new school, Mardi Waluya Bogor. A bit shocked, because it was different with Rehoboth. I found myself in old-building school, very Catholic culture (Several of my teacer is a nun and I make a cross-sign before I pray) and less discipline than my school before. But It just took a walk about 10 minutes from my house. I like the very wide school-yard with the blue sky and the school-library. So many interesting old books in that library. I frequently borrowed a book like goosebumb, detective stories, toody’s serial, mini novel, update-manga comic, etc…oh I love reading. It was not surprising If I often renewed my library card. When I was crazy in love with Michael Jackson (while most of my peer adore at F4), I found many dusty article at the corner of library and I collect the article as many as I could. Now I recognise Mardi Waluya as one of romantic place that I ever met in my life. So vintage. It was not an hardship for me to get good rank until I graduated, I believe it because most of the teachers were qualified and I sucessfully adapt with the environtment. I have good memories with my elementary school friend and I still keep in touch with them trough social media. I was graduated from Mardi Waluya at 2003, then I went back to Bandung again. Since that, I live my life in this city until now.

How I love Bandung and I always love this city until forever. Nothing compares to the comfortable of Bandung, I guaratee it. But I know, I cannot keep on live here. I have to find something new in another city, or another place, or another country to refresh my inspiration. I have to find another paradise, then I will write it into a novel or short story. I have a dream to make a documenter-film about my travel, particularly in Indonesia. I hope my English-ability can bring me to everywhere someday. And I hope in my future, I can make my hobby as my job.

See you in the future!

Outcrop at Karangawen, Central Java

Terkadang rindu ke lapangan…
Menghirup wangi tanah dan dedaunan, terbelai oleh angin sepoi-sepoi basa
Menapaki sungai yang mengalir air deras
Mendengar kicauan burung yang bersahut-sahutan
Memandang cerahnya langit biru atau kelamnya awan mendung
Menganalisis singkapan yang misteri
Merasakan lelahnya menapakin jalanan menanjak atau menurun
Dan pada akhirnya tersenyum melihat matahari tenggelam

Adalah kombinasi sempurna yang hanya bisa dideskripsikan oleh seorang geologis,

Welcome to My Past!

Tadinya mau nekat menghapus blog tumblr gw yang lama, tapi sayang. Masalahnya disana banyak lirik lagu dan quotes favorit gw. Hanya sedikit aja postingan yang gw bikin sendiri.

Jadi akhirnya tadi gw putusin buat menghapus beberapa “konten terlarang” dalam blog gw tersebut dan mengedit sedikit tampilannya. Boleh dilihat di

Semua orang punya masa lalu, setiap orang pasti punya masa alay (menurut hipotesis gw aja sih, hehe) dan blog tumblr itu adalah sebagian kecil dari masa lalu gw yang tersisa selain daripada ingatan gw. Yang buruk dihapus, yang baik selalu diingat. Mari memulai cerita baru yang lebih bermakna, menyenangkan dan membawa kebaikan, Rin!

Have a nice weekend!!